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VEGAS Pool - JES Art Haystack Hunt (PoO)

Welcome to the JES Art give away page! We're giving away 30 JES Art NFTs that exist on the Cardano chain. This give away is powered by P.o.O (Proof of Onboarding). Quite simply, you need to install VESPR wallet (instructions below), open one of the three PDF's and then scan a PDF from within the wallet. If you find a JES Art NFT with some ADA, you will be sent them once the competition ends. How does it end? When all 6000 QR codes have been scanned!!! So get grinding... er, I mean scanning. Good luck


Step 1, simply install VESPR

wallet onto your mobile >>>


1st 2000 QR codes

All Claimed

All Claimed

2nd 2000 QR codes

All Claimed

All Claimed

3rd 2000 QR codes

All Claimed

All Claimed

<<< Step 2, open one of these pdf's, scroll through the 2000

                    and pick one QR or more to scan (others may have already done so!)

Step 3, scan the chosen QR from your VESPR wallet



Failure, someone

already claimed >>>


Success, but NO WIN    >>>

Success and a win if it lists

an NFT and not NO WIN       >>>


The give away hunt continue until ALL 6,000 QR codes have been scanned OR all 30 have been identified as claimed.

All winners shall be sent their NFT's after the haystack hunt has completed. The claim process records your address, therefore we know who to send to.

Good luck to you all! You may scan as much as you like.


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