Welcome to the VEGAS Pool

Who are we?

A professionally operated Cardano ADA Pool by a veteran I/T Solutions Architect with over 30+ years of experience in I/T.

Where are we located?

The Pool is managed and operated on the South coast of England (near Portsmouth)


The Pool is operated as a partnership between myself and a business partner from Las Vegas!

What type of operation do we manage the pool from?

The Pool is operated on Bare Metal (dedicated) servers hosted from a home office environment, maintaining the ideology of true decentralisation of the blockchain; i.e. avoiding the simple and easy cloud hosting option, owned and managed by large corporations, where many pools exist today. This ensures avoidance of any third party interference, assurance that a large scale outage would not affect our operation and maximisation of profit by reducing overall costs (i.e. we bought our hardware up front rather than paying a monthly fee). We have long term aspirations to migrate into a private hosting provider when the level of your delegation reaches sufficient saturations!