The VEGAS Pool loves working in the Cardano NFT space. We provide technical services to many different projects. This got us thinking! Why dont we give some CNFT's away to our loyal delegators? Many of you will have already received Finger Monsters, JES-ART vouchers for free pulls and VEGAS themed Cards and Cookies!

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As most of you will already know, my teenage daughter Jessica is she of JES-ART. I provide all her mintng and selling services, i.e. she's the maturing artist whilst i'm the geeky I/T dad. Given this, I've commissioned her to paint a VEGAS Pool collaboration once a month. She's going to paint and produce a regularly piece of artwork and we'll going to give it away to any delegator each month!

Visit her site

How does this work?

How do I get one?

The process is triggered by you, i.e. via a Pull request. What is a pull request? You send a small payment to a wallet and an automated process returns you change and the CNFT. A refund will be issued If you are not a delegator. *Please read the Dust Q&A

VEGAS Pool delegators only!

To qualify for a Free CNFT you must be a VEGAS Pool delegator! If you aren't, please delegate to the VEGAS (ticker) Pool. This should be done BEFORE the next Epoch boundary start. You will become eligible approximately 1hr after that next epoch start (midnight UTC will be safe) If you need help, please contact us! See our Twitter or Telegram channel links in the header of this page.

Is this really Free?

This is as free as we can make it! Always be wary of free give-aways! The Cardano chain requires Dust (see below) to be paid on every transaction. Thus, your pull will require dust fees to be paid, i.e. on the payment to the promotion address, for the minting and for the payment back to you for the change and CNFT or the refund. Overall, the total Dust fee for the entire process will cost you approximately 0.5 ADA. We don't cover the Dust cost because otherwise we'd leak money quickly. Instead, we keep this to minimal cost so that we can provide this regular offer. The chain costs have to be paid by someone and hence we kindly ask you to do so. After all, we believe the CNFT is more valuable than the Dust cost; i.e. go sell the CNFT for 1 ADA and you've x2 your investment!

What is Dust?

Dust is a small charge applied to every ADA Transaction. Whether sending (i.e. a payment), minting or triggering a smart contract (after Alonzo on 12th Sept '21). The Dust fee is based on the size of the transaction being processed, thus it can fluctuate. All official wallets calculate and show you the payment Dust fee before you provide your payment password. Go take a look. It is this that we need you to pay for, as well as the dust for during the minting process (on our servers) as well as the return payment with the CNFT + Change or Refund.

How long does a pull take?

The process is automated, using IOHK's excellent software. However, this process is running on a home office network, thus its not fully resilient, it is adequate for this process but I can't promise a 100% up time; it's a best can do service for now. You should receive the CNFT within minutes (2 to 3 on average) This again is subject to any existing queues if it happens to stop or becomes popular. If you have ANY concerns, please contact us.

How rare will these be?

Great question! The rarity of these will be subject to how many are pulled by delegators! i.e. you are not limited to one! Alas, the more you take, the less rare they will be.

How long will the offer run?

For now, we intend on providing a new CNFT every month! They shall start at 00:01 of the first day of the month and stop at 00:00 at the end of the month. Given we've just started this process, the timing might not be exact for the first couple of pieces.

Why are we doing this?

(1) We want to reward you for your loyalty (2) We LOVE the idea that if you sell any of these, you can increase your 5% rewards (3) It's good for us in terms of advertising!! Vegas Pool and JES Art (4) We therefore hope (3) will bring us more delegation


Current CNFT (October '21)

This is the SECOND free* to pull CNFT from the VEGAS & JES-Art collaboration.

This is called "Spooky Casino". If you click the picture to the right, you will be shown the 0000 version, which JES-Art always retains.

The CNFT contains the artwork (in hi-resolution), the sketch and links to the timelapse drawing of the sketch and the painting itself!


To obtain issue 2, you need to make a Pull request from your VEGAS Pool delegated wallet. Send a payment for exactly 2 ADA to the address below; please note, you will get back 1.55 ADA exactly. If you're not a delegator, you'll receive this amount without the CNFT.


Please contact us if you have ANY problems (see twitter or telegram links above)

*Free is a loose term, the costs of minting and returning to you is charged, i.e. 0.45 ADA.